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Training and Development:

Historically, organizations which find themselves struggling to take competition head on are organizations which have been unable to drive innovation and take calculated business risks due to lack of preparedness of their workforce. Today, Leadership Development, Succession Planning and Learning and Development interventions are gaining more significance and employers are increasingly looking for ways to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the challenging markets in which they exist.

Indraprastha Consulting assists organizations in creating and sustaining a better-trained workforce which in turn enhances the latter’s productivity. We provide best in class training solutions - Classroom & Outbound Training, Coaching and Mentoring and have robust training modules with innovative methodologies which ensure that workforce is equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge.

Corporate Solutions

Our corporate training programs combine modern theory with a relevant and an interactive delivery style enabling participants to take an active part in their 'learning' experience. Role plays, business simulations and group exercises are used to maximize the take away from each training session.

Our Training Solutions

Sales Maximization
Consultative Selling

This program takes participants very systematically through the kinds of behaviours that need to be exhibited as well as the kinds of questions that are required to be asked in an effective sales call in a complex B2B Selling environment.

Sales Effectiveness

The training Program is created for people who want to excel in their sales career. This Program sharpens the skills of the salespeople, enabling them to grow and achieve exceptional results in sales.

Effective Negotiation Skills

The Negotiation skills program takes participants through the researched Success Model of twenty-one key behaviours; skill subsets for persuasion, managing the power balance and bargaining; maintaining the climate, resolve deadlock and conclude the right deal while also handling low reactors

Effective Tele-Sales Skills

This training program sharpens the skills of the salesperson, enabling them to achieve outstanding results in telesales without losing focus on the customer delight.

Proposal writing

With this program, participants will be able to describe and understand the basic guidelines for proposal writing, why proposals are rejected, and the phases of proposal writing, which include planning, writing, and submitting a proposal

Personal Excellence
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

This Program will enable participants to enhance their personal effectiveness, apply a principle-centred approach to life and living, master the art of balancing work and personal lives, measure personal effectiveness with respect to life goals and take corrective action for planning and follow up

Stress Management

This Stress Management training Program is designed to enable participants to recognise the symptoms of stress and manage their personal tolerances to stressful situations, both inside and outside work.

Time Management

This Program takes participants through the fundamentals of time management so as to get the most out of a day. Participants are also shown techniques for eliminating time wasters and conquering procrastination.

Developing Positive Assertiveness

This Program takes participants through the fundamentals of time management so as to get the most out of a day. Participants are also shown techniques for eliminating time wasters and conquering procrastination.

Change Management

This program talks about an approach towards shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.

Teamwork & Synergy

This program talks about “How Synergy Succeeds”. The program describes how combined and coordinated actions of people working together produce a greater effect individually. Participants will leave with the knowledge and ability to work effectively in a team. This program is designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of work-related teams in your organization.

Enhancing Interpersonal Skills

This interpersonal skills training Program is designed to assess participants' current levels of communication and the impact of behaviour on morale and performance

Presentation Skills

The objective of this advanced presentation skills training programme is to empower participants with the skills that will give them the confidence and competence to make presentations in all situations, demonstrate their sales skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, influencing abilities and promotion potential.

Business Writing Skills

This program will enable them to become more skilled at writing professional business documents that are brief but concise, clear yet direct, complete and correct. Participants are taken through a number of hands-on exercises to practice writing to perfection!

Grooming & Business Etiquettes

The grooming and business etiquette programme is targeted at making the participants learn about behaviours that are appropriate for the workplace.

Effective Communication Skills

This program will enable the participants with the skills necessary to communicate clearly and confidently, achieve objectives through effective communication, persuade and influence, and improve workplace relationships

Achieving Results through Resources

This program enables your managers to achieve improved business results. In this Program, your managers will learn how to balance their resources. They will learn a process of analysis that will help them understand how work gets done in their work unit and understand how to do more with less.

Achieving Results through Relationships

This training is intended for any employee who provides guidance, leadership or manages another employee. This could include team leaders , crew chiefs, leads, new supervisors, middle managers or senior leaders. The program talks about strengthening one’s relationship with employees and enhance the performance of the business units

Ownership & Accountability

This program enables the participants to understand the importance of taking the ownership and accountability of their work.

Leadership & Management Excellence
Achieving Results Through People

This training enables your managers to achieve improved business results and learn to follow the Work Unit Alignment Process. This process identifies the required results for a work group; identifies the required tasks to achieve business results and aligns tasks to the appropriate work group. It also establishes performance criteria for the position and allows managers to match employees to positions by evaluating their skills, abilities and current performance.

Team Work – Creating Great Teams

This program talks about “How Synergy Succeeds”. The program describes how combined and coordinated actions of people working together produce a greater effect individually. Participants will leave with the knowledge and ability to work effectively in a team. This program is designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of work-related teams in your organization.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

This Program is designed to help participants build their problem solving and creative thinking skills. Participants apply the critical concepts and techniques of creative thinking in combination with certain problem solving tools to innovatively solve specific workplace problems

Conflict Management

This conflict management Program will help participants identify some of the ways they may be contributing to these problems and offer some strategies that they can adopt at work and in their personal lives to minimize such conflicts.

Transformational Leadership

This Program is designed to provide the participant with tools for managing people, processes and performance in a complex, changing workplace.

Managerial Skills For Budding Managers

This program will enable participants to discover their role as new managers or supervisors. They will be able to apply different leadership styles to successfully lead and motivate their employees.

Signature Programs
Enigmatic Leadership: SITLEAD Achiever’s Club: Keeping end result in mind Radiating Possibilities: The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.
Outbound Programs
Seek & Destroy

It is a war simulation which gives participants a one of its kind experience. It is a multiple outcome program with key deliverables like Team Bonding, Trust, Leadership, Strategizing, Team Work, Effective Communication, Roles & Responsibilities, Proactive Approach etc.

Fire Walk

Fire Walk is an extremely powerful program which enables the participants to tap their hidden potential. In this program the participant are able to go beyond the limitations that they have set for themselves.

Educational Solutions

Indraprastha Consulting Academy

The Indraprastha Consulting Academy is steadfast in it’s commitment to the society. It offers employability training solutions to the masses. The Academy offers knowledge and skill based programs to students, first time job seekers and working professionals. The Indraprastha Consulting Academy is the reason for the success of many youngsters.

The Academy delivers the required employability skill trainings through:

Learning Center

These web based services provide free Individual Learning Aids to budding HR professionals which help them in honing their HR skill. These aids are in the form of articles, templates, web based trainings, tools, blogs, etc.

Wisdom Tree

Wisdom Tree is a unique learning program which helps people to acquire the fundamental skills which are not only essential for getting a good job, but also succeeding at it. Wisdom Tree is brought to you by Indraprastha Consulting – a trusted HR services brand, which works closely with leading corporates within and outside India. Indraprastha Consulting has leveraged it’s extensive experience in staffing and trainings and has come up with this program which help in getting the best out of people, so that they turn out as winners in today’s corporate scenario.

Radiant India

Radiant India is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Indraprastha Consulting which aims to make the youth of our nation, from the lower strata of the society, employable by imparting them with the skills which will help them find suitable blue collar/white collar employment and consequently enable them not only to be financially secure, but also be well respected in the society.

Indraprastha Consulting’s Value Proposition

Geographical spread and training Infrastructure

Our network of training capacity and capability in key cities enables us to meet the training needs of organizations with a wide geographical spread.

Ability to handle large scale rollouts

We have worked with industry leaders and are equipped with the expertise to carry out large-scale rollouts for our clients.

Globally validated training models

Our training programs draw upon a rich source of Intellectual Property, developed by our Knowledge, Research and Content Development Teams. Our solutions are designed around the three pillars of organizational success – talent management, leadership development and behavioral transformation.

Wide range of training methodologies

We have a strong portfolio of training methodologies that could be offered based on the profile and the learning requirements of the participants. Our training programs are offered in the domains of Sales, Customer Service, Managerial Development and Leadership.

Pioneers in performance coaching

To internalize the skills learned in a training program, we offer performance coaching solutions to our clients. Our trained coaches work alongside your People, observing and coaching them simultaneously to facilitate a faster return on training investment for the clients.

Measurement, a key differentiator

We lay emphasis on delivering programs whose impact can be evaluated for individual and business

performances through a process of feedback, audits and measurements.


Our training modules are designed to address specific need of a client – implied and explicit.


Innovations in the realm of people development are the hallmark of Indraprastha Consulting’s training division.